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We understand that every jobsite is unique, and that the tools you needed last week may not be the tools you need this week.


No matter what your specialized need, or surprise emergency is, we have you covered.


If you need tank rentals, winch truck services, rentals and more, Bosque Energy Services has what you need.

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- 2" 15k 5 Valve Manifolds

- 2” 15k 9 Valve Manifold

- 3” 15k 5 Valve Manifold

- 10k Single Debris Catcher

- 15k Double Debris Catcher

- 6k Light Towers

- 20k Light Tower Combo Units

- 3-phase Production Test Separators

- Halliburton Straps

Available Rentals

Heavy-Duty Equipment Rentals

Bosque Energy Services Truck

- 2" and 3" 1502 Flowline

- 3k - 10k Sand Separator

- Concrete Blocks

- Water Trucks

- Skid Steers

- Backhoes

- Winch Truck

- Heavy Construction Equipment