Our Services

Our Services

Bosque Energy Services is an Oil and Natural Gas Service Company. We provide green, comprehensive, custom solutions for Well Testing – Flowback Monitoring – Equipment Rental – along with an array of other services including construction, heavy duty equipment rental and much more.

We understand the importance of the production test and flowback as it relates to the long-term viability and production capacity of our customers’ assets. We have a dedicated team of experienced operators at our disposal with a solid track record of reliability and extensive knowledge of many aspects of completions and production processes.

Man working in Bosque Energy operation

Bosque Energy Service’s Well Testing and Flowback services provide specialized solutions, equipment and experience through Permian Basin and beyond.

Bosque Energy Plug Catcher

Bosque Energy Services provide small and large rental equipment for short and long-term needs.

Bosque Energy crew working

For operations without equipment needs, Bosque Energy Services can provide trained, certified roustabout crews for any stage of flow, inclusive of production facility management.